How to pick the right material for your frames

Baobab Eyewear

Choosing your frame material is a must in finding the right frames for you. Each material varies in durability, lightness, flexibility, and more. The right one should be comfortable and functional to best suit your lifestyle. 🙌🏻

Don’t worry, the right frames are just a few clicks away. Keep reading to find the best frame material for you! 😉


Metal is arguably the most durable frame material you can get simply because of the fact that it’s corrosion-resistant, so say goodbye to rusty specs. 👋🏼 Don’t be fooled, these frames are lightweight with a sleek design. Needless to say, metal frames are a classic go-to when you’re going for that classy minimalist look. 💽

Crowd fave metal frames: SAMUEL, OLSEN, MATTEO 


Polycarbonate is more impact-resistant than standard plastic frames. These frames can withstand practically anything AND they’re shatter-proof and scratch-resistant! ⚡If you’re still not convinced, polycarbonate frames are also hypoallergenic and won’t cause any irritation. 😌

Crowd fave polycarbonate frames: JACQ, LEON, NOA 


TR90 is made out of a thermoplastic material built to be durable, flexible, and lightweight. These frames can bend under pressure, shaping any face comfortably. It would definitely take a lot for these frames to break from impact. And of course, our TR90 frames are hypoallergenic, too! 🌟

Crowd fave TR90 frames: JUNE, KAI, ELLIS


Flexiframes are made especially for the Baobab kids. 👧🏻👦🏻 They have extremely flexible, durable, and lightweight silicone temple tips for maximum comfort throughout the day. The adjustable hinges and silicone nose pads guarantee a non-slip grip perfect for the classroom and the playground. 🎢🛹

Crowd fave flexiframes: GABBI, OLLIE, RILEY 

Mixed Material

Baobab makes sure you get the best of both worlds by combining lightweight and sleek metal frames with our reliable hypoallergenic polycarbonate lining. 🤓If you’re looking for some eye-catching mixed combinations for your specs, the search is over because these frames are calling your name! 👀

Crowd fave mixed metal frames: GARRETT, COHEN, DUNCAN 

What now?

Now that you know all about frame materials, you’re now ready to pick the frame that best suits your lifestyle!