Hey, weā€™re Baobab. Weā€™re kinda new here.


We started with this thought of, what if we reinvent the eyewear-buying experience? What if we make it more inclusive, more transparent, more meaningful, and more fun?

We believe eyewear can be all of that good stuff, and we truly think that itā€™s one of those things that should leave you feeling great about yourself. Great enough to celebrate all of who you are, and great enough to take on the world with fresh eyes.

With thoughtfully designed eyewear, and a devoted team that believes that it can be more, we want you to see (clearly!) and feel seen. To shine, to bask in the sun, to think under the shade, to attend dinners, to meet new people, to work like a pro, to watch your favorite things, to be casual or fancy, to do whatever you want- armed with some damn good eyewear.

Designed for Artists at Heart

Youā€™re Welcome

Homegrown from Escolta, Baobab embraces the artist at heartā€” and with it comes the understanding of celebrating each unique individual. Our frames are thoughtfully designed and fairly priced, to bring you options that are individually you, because, hey, youā€™re welcome here.

Smart Picks

Look, looking for the right frame can be like swiping through countless potential matches. We donā€™t want you to go in it blindā€” we want you to know what youā€™re getting into because itā€™s an investment for you, and for us, too. Baobab is here to help you find the perfect eyewear that suits your everyday style.Ā 

Good Work

We want you to see, and see well. We donā€™t want to waste your time either, so weā€™re giving it our all to provide you with a damn good eyewear buying experience because we believe that everyone deserves a clear (and cute!) frame that lets you take on the world with fresh eyes. Are you ready for your new Baobab pairs?


Finding the best eyewear is essential, but it doesnā€™t have to feel like a chore. The best kind of eyewear lets you push boundaries, opens your eyes to endless possibilities, and always, always leaves you feeling great about yourself. Thatā€™s the kind of eyewear we make here at Baobab.