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OD (Right Eye)
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Pupillary Distance (PD)
Single PD
Dual PD Left

VINCI’s a glasses classic that’s got a new look. Subtly angled round frames made rimless, this is THE pair for making your eyes pop and making everyone wonder why you look so good today 👀

Dimensions: 51☐18-138mm

Stainless steel metal frame that can handle anything 🏋🏻
Rimless frame for a barely-there look 😌
Adjustable silicone nose pads for non slip grip 💪🏻
Comes in 5 flattering colorways: black and gold

Zoom fatigue got you down? These frames will chase away those screentime blues–literally! Our anti-radiation Gadget Safe lenses block harmful blue light from your screens before it reaches your eyes, guaranteeing pain-free, peaceful scrolling. It’s time to say goodbye to laptop migraines and cellphone burnout with just one stylish frame 👋💻🌀

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