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OD (Right Eye)
OS (Left Eye)
Pupillary Distance (PD)
Single PD
Dual PD Left

If KITT could speak, it’d say “less is more”. These rectangular rimless frames are simple, making your eyes the star of the show wherever you go 🌟

Dimensions: 40☐18-138mm

Stainless steel metal frame that can handle anything 🏋🏻
Rimless frame for a barely-there look 😌
Adjustable silicone nose pads for non slip grip 💪🏻
Comes in 5 flattering colorways: black and gold

Zoom fatigue got you down? These frames will chase away those screentime blues–literally! Our anti-radiation Gadget Safe lenses block harmful blue light from your screens before it reaches your eyes, guaranteeing pain-free, peaceful scrolling. It’s time to say goodbye to laptop migraines and cellphone burnout with just one stylish frame 👋💻🌀

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