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A fearless pilot. SAINT radiates confidence and adventure. Its browline nose bridge is a nod to its strong persona. Wear SAINT to explore.

When we envisioned the EarthCore collection, we aimed for a collection that echoed the voice of nature 🌸 Both in look, and in feel 🫳🏼 Bio-acetate, a sustainable material, is the perfect canvas for style and nature to converge 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

🌱 All natural
Bio-Acetate frames are made from metal, pulp, and cotton

🖌 Absolutely paint-free
Naturally vibrant colors and patterns are embedded onto the frame

🔧 Completely adjustable
Metal wires within the temple arms make customizing frame fittings easier

☁️ Barely-there
Natural materials make it uber lightweight and comfy

😷 Hypoallergenic
Bio-acetate frames are especially made for sensitive and highly acidic skin

We’re thrilled to have the incredible Jason Dhakal wear our EarthCore collection 👓 Personifying what it truly means to self-express

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OD (Right Eye)
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Pupillary Distance (PD)
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