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Constantly inspired by the vibrant world around us, GAIA mirrors the energy of blooming flowers with its shades of white and pink. Wear GAIA to embody the boundless creativity of nature.

When we envisioned the EarthCore collection, we aimed for a collection that echoed the voice of nature 🌸 Both in look, and in feel 🫳🏼 Bio-acetate, a sustainable material, is the perfect canvas for style and nature to converge 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

🌱 All natural
Bio-Acetate frames are made from metal, pulp, and cotton

🖌 Absolutely paint-free
Naturally vibrant colors and patterns are embedded onto the frame

🔧 Completely adjustable
Metal wires within the temple arms make customizing frame fittings easier

☁️ Barely-there
Natural materials make it uber lightweight and comfy

😷 Hypoallergenic
Bio-acetate frames are especially made for sensitive and highly acidic skin

We’re thrilled to have the incredible Jason Dhakal wear our EarthCore collection 👓 Personifying what it truly means to self-express

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