How to pick the best frame for your face shape

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Buying a new pair of specs is always thrilling, but let’s be real: choosing the right frame shape for your face is a struggle. We know the sheer number of available frames can be overwhelming; with so many shapes, sizes, and colors, how are you supposed to know what looks good on you? 

If you’re itching to get your hands on brand new specs but are still feeling confused, don’t worry. We’re here to finally answer the Baobab community’s most-asked question: which frames flatter my face shape?

Why do I need to know my face shape?

Knowing your face shape is the first step to picking flattering frames for yourself. But remember, this is merely a guide; how you feel wearing the frame is what ultimately matters! 

So, what’s my face shape, and how do I pick eyewear that flatters it?

To get you started, we’ve laid out the most common face shapes as well as their distinctive characteristics to help you find your own. And before you ask, yes, you can find them all here at Baobab Eyewear!


Defining features:

A round face is usually characterized by a wide hairline, fuller cheeks, and a curved jawline. The length and width of round faces are usually the same, giving off a symmetrical, rounded appearance. 

Best frames for round faces: 

The soft curves of a round face are just begging for crisp angles and sharp lines. A sleek, geometric frame will add much-needed definition and balance to your features. Go for square, rectangular, pilot, or cat eye frames!

Our top picks: MILES, PORTER, SAMUEL

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Defining features:

Square faces are recognizable by their wide, straight hairlines, and strong and defined wide jawlines. Similar to round faces, square faces are symmetrical and have equal lengths and widths, but are a lot more angular.

Best frames for square faces: 

The strong, angular features of a square face are best matched with rounded, softer frames. Go for round, oval, and rimless frames! The result? Softened angles and the spotlight on your best features.


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Defining features: 

The most defining feature of a heart-shaped face is its rounded hairline which comes to a point in the center, much like the letter V or a widow’s peak. Heart faces usually have wider foreheads and cheekbones, and sharp, narrow jawlines. These face shapes are also longer than they are wide.

Best frames for heart faces: 

The defined contours and narrow angles of heart faces need something soft to balance them out. To hit the sweet spot between angular and round, go for wider, rounded frames. We recommend round, oval, pilot, and rounder cat eye frames!


Defining features:
Diamond faces have nearly the same characteristics as heart faces, except they have narrow, pointed hairlines and more prominent cheekbones. 

Best frames for diamond faces: 

The defined features of a diamond face shine brightest when paired with light, slightly rounded frames. This combo leaves you with balance, softness, and definition! Go for light and thin round, oval, and cat eye frames.

Our top picks: PIPER, PARKER, PERRY

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Defining features:

For oval faces, the cheekbones are the widest part of the face. This shape has a narrow hairline and a narrow, rounded jawline, and is longer than it is wide. 

Best frames for oval faces: 

If you’ve got an oval-shaped face, you’re in luck. Since oval faces are so proportionate, all you need is a frame that accentuates your features’  natural symmetry—which is almost every frame, tbh! Go for any frame shape, but avoid frames that are too blocky and chunky, or too tiny.

Our top picks: LUCA, NIXON, SHAPIRO

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Now you won’t go into it blind—armed with your new frame knowledge and a range of great frame choices, you’ll be sure to find a frame you love. Find the perfect eyewear that suits your everyday style: