All about Baobab accessories

Baobab Eyewear

No man is an island; we’ve gotten this far in life thanks to all the amazing people who back us up. Just like us, sometimes our eyewear needs a helping hand from their besties: A.K.A. eyewear accessories! Read on through to learn about all the eyewear essentials we have at Baobab. 

Dust Cloth

Of course, we’ve got your good ol’ dust cloths. Every four-eyed fellow knows that a dust cloth is a must-have for keeping your specs clean. Ours are made from a special microfiber material, so you can take care of your Baobab eyewear with 0 scratches. 

To make sure you’re taking care of your glasses with a fresh and clean sheet, it’s best to regularly replace your dust cloth. Our signature Baobab lens cloths are available in packs of 5 and 10 in random colors, for a fun little surprise every time. 

Fog Away Anti-Fog Cloth

If you spend a lot of time in cold environments, you know that anti-fog cloths are another non-negotiable eyewear accessory. Fog Away is a reusable anti-fog dust cloth made for keeping your glasses fog-free and your eyesight crystal clear. 

The best part? Fog Away can be used on any glass or plastic surface, not just your specs! They work on anything from phone screens to camera lenses; we love a multi-use product, don’t we? 

Capsule Hardcase

When it’s time to put your eyewear to bed at night, where do you like to leave them? 

We prefer to leave ours in a Capsule Hardcase. These metal cases are lined with velvet inside to make sure frames are extra safe, secure, and scratch-free, ready for whenever you need them next. 

Leather Sleeve

If you’re more of a leather fan yourself, we’ve got you covered. Our leather sleeves are made of high quality PU leather–yes, it’s vegan– lined with fluffy felt to make sure your glasses are extra safe. 

Eye Folder

For a more compact and accessible option, go for our Eye Folder, an ultra-thin eyewear case that folds to 0.9cm and opens up to a roomy 6cm. Even our biggest and widest frames will be comfy inside! 

Just like our other accessories, the Eye Folder is handmade out of earth-friendly materials, and plush-lined to keep your frames safe and scratch-free.

Eyeglass Bag Tag

Lastly, we’ve got our most compact and travel-friendly product of all: our Eyeglass Bag Tag. Crafted out of vegan PU leather and lined with fluff, this compact case has a strap that can easily be attached to any bag, making it perfect for people on-the-go. Wherever you are, your glasses go too; have one on each of your daily bags and never leave your glasses behind again.

Our wide range of eyewear accessories are meant to cater to every lifestyle, so now that you know all about them, it’s time to choose which one best suits yours! But we must warn you, it’s next to impossible to pick just one. 👀