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A compact, foldable case made for the on-the-go

Folds to a thin 0.9cm

Lined with plush material

Stores frames up to 6cm tall

Folded dimensions: Width- 6.5cm, Length- 16cm

Unfolded dimensions: Width: 6cm, Length: 16cm

Who’s the Eye Folder for? 🗃

  • For the prepared– always have a pair of sunglasses with you just in case
  • For the trinket lover– for unexpected loose items you just need to keep organized
  • For the indecisive– if you can’t decide if you want to wear glasses that day or not
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    OD (Right Eye)
    OS (Left Eye)
    Pupillary Distance (PD)
    Single PD
    Dual PD Left

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