How to pick the right frame shape

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Choosing a frame shape for your specs is like choosing an outfit. Oftentimes, your frame shape sets the tone for your energy that day; what sort of vibe you give off, how people see you, and even how you see yourself! You can change so much just by changing your frame shape–we think it’s an underrated style hack, tbh.

So yes, the frame shape you choose is so important. And we don’t mean to brag, but when it comes to eyewear frame shapes, you’re spoiled for choice here at Baobab. But what good are all these choices when you don’t know what you want? 

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed when faced with all these frame shapes, don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for! Keep on reading and we’ll teach you how to pick a frame shape to suit your style 👇🏻


Round glasses have been around for a looong time–the first wearable glasses made back in the 13th century were actually round! In many ways, they’re definitely the OG frame shape. 

Round glasses may go way back, but they’re far from old-fashioned. When we think round frames, we think Elton John, Steve Jobs, and John Lennon: creative, out-of-the-box thinkers who see the world differently. These frames can be anything from simple to eccentric, and they’re your best bet for a retro vibe or an air of intelligence.

Crowd favorite frames: OLIVE, LEO, DAWSON

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Square frames are a classic, too, but give off a more modern feel than round frames. What we love about these frames is their versatility; thinner, sleeker squares are subtle and sweet, and larger, chunkier squares are big and bold. Whatever their size, square frames always make for an eye-catching statement. Pick these frames if you want to look—and feel—confident!

Crowd favorite frames: TAYLOR, NOA, LEON

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Rectangular frames are squares’ younger, sassier cousin. Because of the sleeker style, these frames are perfect if you’re going for a prim, proper, and professional vibe. But just because they’re work-chic doesn’t mean they’re boring–rectangular frames add a lil’ spice to your look, too! Get these if you’re on the hunt for a day-to-night frame.

Crowd favorite frames: RENE, WES, ASHER

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If you’re looking for star-quality, you’ll find it in a pilot frame. Originally designed to protect pilots’ eyes while in the air, these frames are now the symbol of effortless class. The double bar nose bridge gives off devil-may-care energy, so pick these if you’re going for a “cool without even trying” look.

Crowd favorite frames: MATTEO, LEVI, AVA

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Cat eye

Last but not least are cat eye frames! Chicer than chic with just the right amount of drama, these frames are the eyewear equivalent of a flirty lil’ wink. Their sharp, upturned corners add a sultry, mysterious flair to any fit–grab a cat eye frame if you want strangers to wonder, “Who is she?”

Crowd favorite frames: JACQ, PIPER, BLAKE

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Now that you know all about frame shapes, it’s time to pick a frame–or two or three–to match your vibe! The possibilities are endless, and we’re sure you’ll be able to pick out frames you’ll love. 


If you’ve got your eye on a certain frame shape but aren’t sure if it’ll suit you, you’re in luck! We’ve got another handy dandy guide on how to know which frames are best for your face shape right here.