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Baobab Eyewear

If you’re new to Baobab, you may have noticed that we divide our eyewear into categories: Gadget Safe Frames™️, Gadget Safe Sun Adaptive Frames, Clip-on Frames, and Sunglasses. Here at Baobab, we believe in providing eyewear for every lifestyle, every face shape, and every unique individual, and these categories let us do exactly that.

Here’s how to find out which Baobab Eyewear item is right for you: 

Gadget Safe™️ Frames

The Gadget Safe™️ Frames are our signature blue light blocking eyewear, made to keep your eyes safe in the digital age! They’re anti-radiation and blue-light blocking, which means you can kiss technology migraines and eye strain goodbye. 

Gadget Safe™️ Frames are the best choice for digital natives who want worry-free, pain-free scrolling. They’re best worn when working on your laptop from 9-5, scrolling through your phone on the daily, or even just lounging around at home!

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Gadget Safe™️ Sun Adaptive Frames

The Gadget Safe Sun Adaptive (GSSA) Frames are our Gadget Safe frames kicked up a notch. They have the same anti-radiation and blue light blocking properties, but they also automatically darken when exposed to harmful UV rays. With these, you never have to worry about switching from specs to shades ever again!

GSSA frames are made for on-the-go individuals and busy bees who need hands-free and convenient screen to sun protection. They’re best worn when you’re out and about, doing errands, taking a walk, or even driving on a sunny day.

Clip-on Frames

The Clip-on Frames are a classic eyewear staple with a twist. This line has everything you love about our signature specs, but also comes with clip-on sunnies for an easy, stylish switch whenever you want it! 

Clip-on frames are perfect for when you’re out and about, but want more control to decide whether you want sunnies or specs. Adventurous souls who want the power to instantly transform their eyewear will love these!


We know you know all about our sunglasses; we don’t have to explain them tbh, but we will anyway! Plain and simple, these are your good ol’ sunglasses, made for stylish sun protection. You don’t have to be afraid to bask in the sun and enjoy the outdoors with these frames. As an added bonus, they’re saltwater-proof too!

We recommend our sunglasses to any outgoing sun-seeker who wants to be ready for anything! They’re best worn on beach trips, hiking adventures, and while taking IG-worthy photos on your next vacation.

Take your pick

We hope we’ve cleared things up about all Baobab has to offer! If you’re still curious about our eyewear, you can head on over to our Shop page and browse around. Who knows, you may see something you like! 🤩